An off-road on-road bike journey along the continental divide from the top of Alaska to the tip of South America

July 2006 – January 2010


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Riding the Spine has Completed their Epic Journey from Alaska to Ushuaia!

    In July 2006, Jacob, Goat and Sean began in Alaska and have since pedaled over 34,000 kilometers, passed through 14 countries, arriving in Ushuaia on January 10, 2010 after 3.5 years of travel.

  Instead of riding along the PanAmerican Highway, their unique journey brought them along the dusty, muddy and difficult dirt roads and trails that criss-cross the continental divide – the longest contiguous mountain range in the world; hence their name: Riding the Spine.

  Living off as little money as possible and seeking adventure along the way, they cooked their own food, wild camped most every night, and found themselves looking back on some truly epic moments: being chased by a wolf in Alaska, riding for months in snow/subzero temperatures, getting held at gunpoint by the military during a drug bust in the Copper Canyon, riding down Central America’s tallest peak, sleeping at the base of active volcanos in Costa Rica while monkeys howled into the night, exploring the Cricamola River within the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous reserve,

kayaking through the Kuna Yala in Panama all the way to Colombia, dragging their bikes through dangerous landslides in Colombia/Peru, crossing over the White Mountains of the Andes, rafting the Cotahuasi River, facing the intolerable winds of Patagonia, enjoying the classic landscape of the Carretera Austral in Chile, and eventually finding themselves in Tierra del Fuego – the end of the world.

  Arriving in Ushuaia was in many ways anti-climactic, really just another day for RTS, and in others, a defining moment – one that captures this epic era of their lives. Each day, a new opportunity for adventure and discovery, from the world around and within. After Riding the Spine they have pricless experiences that will forever shape their lives. The end of one adventure and the beginning of so many more.

   A special thanks to everybody who has been a part of this adventure, whether simply scoping the photo galleries or sending emails of support and encouragement. This journey would never have been the same without all the help from friends and family.

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