Journey Preparation

     Life has been an exciting digital smorgasbord. Endless lines of html code that I ultimately do not understand. My muscles have shriveled up as I sit on the computer in a coma-like state moving the mouse millimeters at a time and typing on the keyboard with ever-increasing frequency. When we are not preparing this website, we’ve been busy fixing up our bikes. Hundreds of dollars later we have some semblence of an adventure-mobile and two problems.

    1: The Shimano XT front skewer exploded before we even got to ride the bike. After a few moments of sadness and disbelief, we learned that the skewer had been voluntarily recalled by Shimano. Very good to discover this prior to finding ourselves in the artic tundra of Alaska, hundreds of miles from any legitimate replacement skewer. And so replacements are on their way.

     2: Goat’s xtracycle decided to crack in half. We noticed this as we were eagerly gearing up his prototype frame that was personally delivered by the builder. We are putting an insane amount of trust in these extendabikes and it is disheartening to not see them through the rosy colored glasses we’d like to. A flawed piece of equipment. Thankfully xtracycle has amazing customer service and has already sent us a replacement. Though, I can’t say that necessarily eases my fear of future failures when we are not just a quick, convenient telephone call away from a replacement.

    Other than that, we have been attempting to gather together our gear. It seems we’ve already spent way too much money on our bikes and are really going to have to scrounge to get appropriate attire/etc. for this epic journey.