Environmental Film Project Seeking Cyclists

I was recently sent an email asking for me to help find some cyclists pedaling across the Americas starting next May.  Anybody heading south next year should look into this:


Going South 
cycling through the Americas
deepeei film productions is looking for adventure cyclist who will cycle in the North or South America’s

Our climate is changing; these indications are measured in all parts of the world. Inconvenient messages are spread by scientists, common and famous people. The television series Going South is about meeting inspiring people and search for the challenge of our generation; to fight climate change. We cross the continents in search of eye opening idea’s and breathtaking initiatives taken by businesses, Non-governmental organizations and individual people in our society.

The goal of Going South: To create participation of global citizens in the invention and implementation of solutions for a more sustainable life. 

In a 13 episode documentary series for international television we discover the world of innovative and inspiring initiatives for a more sustainable life. 

In the series we travel from Alaska to Chile following the Pan- Americana trail. Two separate cycling expeditions are making an 8th months travel on the continents. These teams are filming their adventures on the road, record the amazing environment/scenery  and interview the locals about their climate expectations. They share their trip of a lifetime, the expedition, camping/sleeping, cooking and lot’s of cycling with the rest of the world.

We are looking for one team on each itinerary.
Team 1: (North America) Cycling from Alaska (Prudhoe Bay) to Panama canal along the ocean side  in 8 months (May 2009-December 2009)

Team 2: (South America) Cycling from Columbia (Bogota) to Chile (Punta Arenas) in 8 months. (May 2009-December 2009)

For this challenging project we seek two teams of adventurers who are committed to sustainability and are in shape to cross thousands of miles to discover the in’s and out’s of this topic. Are you already planning your cycling trip or is this an extra motivation to realize your dream? Then see what you need to do to apply. 

We are offering you a change to realize this dream, with an contribution to your budget of 500 US $ a month per team for food and other expenses, a film camera and unlimited amount tapes.

We are looking for adventurers who fit the following characteristics:
You are:
â—� Free of any other commitments from May 2009 – December 2009
â—� Positive and curious by nature.
â—� Determined and persistent to get to the bottom of things.
â—� Genuinely interested in sustainability.
â—� Independent and well organized.
â—� Experience with expeditions or extreme sports.
â—� Humor and creativity are important elements in your way of living.
â—� Comfortable in front of a camera.
â—� Fluently English speaking and preferably a second language Spanish/Portuguese.

Ideally our cyclist teams consists of 2 persons. (are you solo but willing to cycle with others you can also apply.)

Do you fit the description? What do you need to do?

If you are interested in joining one of the teams, please send us your CV including your outdoor and travel experience (max. of two pages) as soon as possible. Please mention which itinerary of Going South you apply for.

As a letter of motivation we would like to receive a 1 minute film in which you introduce yourself and motivate why you think we should choose you for the Going South trip. Send the film in Quicktime format to: [email protected].

You can respond until the 30th of October 2008. For more information about Going South series, please contact us through[email protected] or look at www.deepeei.com.