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Environmental Film Project Seeking Cyclists

I was recently sent an email asking for me to help find some cyclists pedaling across the Americas starting next May.  Anybody heading south next year should look into this:


Going South 
cycling through the Americas
deepeei film productions is looking for adventure cyclist who will cycle in the North or South America’s

Our climate is changing; these indications are measured in all parts of the world. Inconvenient messages are spread by scientists, common and famous people. The television series Going South is about meeting inspiring people and search for the challenge of our generation; to fight climate change. We cross the continents in search of eye opening idea’s and breathtaking initiatives taken by businesses, Non-governmental organizations and individual people in our society.

The goal of Going South: To create participation of global citizens in the invention and implementation of solutions for a more sustainable life. 

In a 13 episode documentary series for international television we discover the world of innovative and inspiring initiatives for a more sustainable life. 

In the series we travel from Alaska to Chile following the Pan- Americana trail. Two separate cycling expeditions are making an 8th months travel on the continents. These teams are filming their adventures on the road, record the amazing environment/scenery  and interview the locals about their climate expectations. They share their trip of a lifetime, the expedition, camping/sleeping, cooking and lot’s of cycling with the rest of the world.

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Riding the Spine in Adventure World Magazine

Check out the latest Adventure World Magazine to read up on the Riding the Spine Crew. I submitted a piece for their department, “It Happened to Me,” sharing one of our many crazy adventures.
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Riding the Spine in WEND Magazine

One of the most exciting and adventurous sections we have encountered yet was crossing the Barrancas del Cobre, in Chihuaha, Mexico. Beginning with very real warnings of bandits and kidnappings, filled with epic mountain biking, and concluding with the military holding us at gunpoint while drug smugglers lurked in the darkness.

The story was not put on our blog, but is being published in the next issue of WEND Magazine. A quarterly publication born from a love of climbing, surfing, cycling and kayaking, Wend is filled with sport, style, creativity and inspiration to fuel your passion for adventure.

Look for it on the shelves the 21st of this month. Until then, check out their website and the opening spread to the article.



Adventure Cyclist Magazine


Check out January’s edition of Adventure Cycling Magazine. They published an article I wrote about being chased by a wolf up in Alaska.

The magazine is published by a bicycle club in Missoula responsible for dozens of incredibly well mapped long distance bike tour routes. From off-road tours like the Great Divide to on-road tours like the Great Parks that takes you through some of the best national parks in the country.

A subscription is free if you sign up for a club membership, which gets you discounts on their maps and bike tour products.

If you go to their website they will even send you a free copy

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Sean Published in ECO

For all you speakers of Portuguese out there, here’s a journalistic work about the trip written by one of its very riders. Eco, a Brazilian magazine concerned with environmental issues has graciously decided to publish a story about our experience along the Dalton Expressway -which sadly is no longer accessible since British petroleum discovered fifteen miles of its pipeline to be grossly corroded. I don’t speak Portuguese so I can’t verify the accuracy of the translators’ rendition myself, and the original English version… well that’s a rather irrelevant matter.

No Norte do mundo – por Sean Monterastelli*