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Homebrew, Inca Style: Chicheria

Throughout the andes, women make a homebrew beer known as Chicha. Generally, in the highlands they use corn and sprout the kernels before cooking it, and in the jungles they use various root crops and chew it first to help with fermentation. Here are a few photos of some chicheras (brewers) making a huge batch of chicha for a wedding in a small andean village in the Sacred Valley.

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Happy Holidays from Semuc Champey

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.  We have been traveling for about a year and a half now, and are still having the time of our lives.   A special thanks to all who have supported us with donations, words of encouragement, and help along the way.  It has made a tremendous difference in our lives.  

We are spending the holidays in Semuc Champey (pictured below) at a rafting commune of sorts and are enjoying the company and hospitality. 

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